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Wing Sheeting Tutorial
by Terry Brox


Charter 896

Model Association of Central Kansas

Runway Material Information

We have had several inquiries about the material used for our runway.  Hopefully this page will answer many of those questions.  I will update this page with more detailed information after whe have a little more experience with the material.

The product we used was Propex GeoTex 315ST.   

It is available in this area from Carter Waters LLC.  We paid $450 per roll delivered to Great Bend.


Sara Drake, CPESC, EIT

Erosion Control Specialist

Carter Waters LLC

PO Box 412676

Kansas City, MO 64141

Direct: 816-872-3318



Contech C-300 is the same product marketed under a different brand.  The pricing was virtually the same for the two products. I went with Carter Waters because they were very helpful and sent us samples.   I would suggest checking prices at both places.  Contech was initially a little cheaper, but Carter Waters matched their price without hesitation.


C. Todd Black, PE

Project Consultant

Contech Construction Products

11506 W 132nd Terr

Overland Park, KS  66213

913.424.9107 mobile



We got the staples from Geo-Synthetic, LLC.   We planned for a 12 staple every 4 with three 6 staples between each, ending up with a staple every foot around the perimeter.  On the center seams, we put a 12 every 6 and a 6 between each.  (Note, our seams were sewn, or you would need staples every foot on the overlaps, also.  You can find the exact staples at the link below.

Jon Perkins


2401 Pewaukee Road

Waukesha, WI 53188

262 548 5810

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