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Questions and Answers

Can anyone fly at MACK Field?

Use of MACK Field is one of the benefits of membership in MACK.  Interested parties and visitors are welcome, but must be accompanied by a MACK member at all times.  A current AMA membership is required for all solo flights at MACK field for liability reasons.  MACK members enjoy unlimited use of MACK field.

How much does it cost to join?

A one year open membership in MACK cost $100.  There are discounts for senior citizens, youth, and additional family members.

What is the AMA?

The Academy of Model Aeronautics (AMA) is the world's largest model aviation association.  The AMA promotes modeling, sanctions contests, represents modelers to the public and to government, and charters over 2,500 local clubs, like MACK.

Why do I have to be an AMA Member to join MACK?

MACK is an AMA Chartered club.  Membership in the AMA includes $2.5 million in liability coverage for any accidents arising from any modeling activities.  By requiring AMA membership, MACK not only has liability protection, but also helps support the AMA so they can continue their work.

What does it cost to get involved in modeling?

Modern technology has made modeling more affordable than ever.  The cost of planes, and their associated equipment, vary widely.  It is possible to get a small model and start flying for under $100.  I would say that  most people will want to spend between $300 and $600 within the first year they are involved in the hobby.  It is also very feasible to buy used planes and equipment at auctions or from other club members.  I know of people who have gotten very nice starter setups that way for under $200. 

Besides access to the flying field, why should I join MACK?

It is very common for someone who wants to try flying RC planes to go out and  buy a plane, spend both time and money trying to get it ready to fly, and then crash it on their first flight attempt.   Getting involved in a local club gives new modelers a great opportunity to interact with more experienced modelers.  Modelers really enjoy helping others get started int he hobby.  We can help you pick the right model, make sure it is correctly setup and balanced to fly properly, make the first test flights for you to make sure it is properly trimmed, and then help you learn to fly the plane correctly and safely.  Learning to fly a real airplane requires 40-80 hours of flight instruction and ground instruction.  While learning to fly a model will not take that long, having organized flight instuction can make learning to fly much quicker and less frustrating.

What events does MACK have throughout the year?

We hold monthly meeting where we take care of any business we need to do as an organization.  each meeting also includes time for socializing and learning from each other.  A couple times a year we try to have family get togethers in conjuction with a club meeting, usually involving a cookout or potluck dinner.  We also try to have a few events at the field each year to involve as many members as possible and to share hobby with the community.  We have an annual Christmas party, usually in lieu of the January meeting.  At the party we recognize outstanding members and present awards for their contributions to the club.

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