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Wing Sheeting Tutorial
by Terry Brox


Charter 896

Model Association of Central Kansas

Picture of the pits A cloudy day at the Relay for Life event October 2015

Another image from the Relay from Life event, which shows the infield is growing back in nicely!

Image from April 2015 all pics Thanks to Glenn Pfortmiller

Membership Documents

MACK Bylaws (Updated April 2015)

MACK Bylaws Page 2 (Updated April 2015)

MACK Field Safety and Operating Rules

MACK Field "See and Avoid" Guidelines

MACK Membership Application  

AMA Membership Application   AMA membership required for MACK membership

Don't hesitate to talk to any member or come to a club meeting and join at the meeting.  Having the above documents printed and completed when you come will save some time, but is not required.  We'll be glad to help you with them at the meeting if you like.  You may also join the AMA online at  When submitting your AMA membership, please indicate that you were referred (or sponsored) by a club and enter Name: MACK  Number:  896   Doing so will help the club receive recognition and resources from the AMA.  Thank you!


AMA (Academy of Model Aeronautics)

Official AMA National Model Aircraft Safety Code

 Revised 9-6-2011   




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