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The new MACK Field is located just south of the intersection of Highway 56 and Railroad Ave southwest of the Great Bend city limits.  The east marker above is the flying field. 

The photo below was taken by Joe Dunnaway on August 8, 2010, the morning after the runway was laid.  

Hote:  Please enter through the gate, as indicated by the red arrow on the photo above.  The house and yard, outlined in yellow, is NOT part of MACK Field.  Out of respect for our neighbors, please do not use the driveways marked with red X's.  Thank You!  click here for larger image

Note:  the buffalo grass area is enhanced in the above photo for visual effect. 


THE RUNWAY WAS INSTALLED ON AUGUST 7, 2010, and is holding up quite nicely, after 5 or so years of abuse! 

This photo was taken from about 130 feet from the north end of the runway looking south.  One fourth of the runway is not even in this picture!  

The image below shows the basic plan we had for MACK Field before we started construction.  As you can see, the final product looks pretty close! 


The inner green line represents the area that was planted with buffalo grass and will be kept short. 

The outer green line represents the area that was planted to brome to provide an extra area of forgiving grass for planes that don't make it to the primary grass area.

The total area of grass will be approximately 12 acres with almost 5 acres of buffalo grass and Geotex.

The 515' x 51' runway and 258' x 35' pit area will be Geotex, a geotextile material normally used as underlayment for asphalt road construction.  It is a very nice runway material that is nicer to fly off of than both asphalt and grass.  Click here for more information about the materials used for the runway.   

In most of the other installations are aware of, the clubs have overlapped the rolls of material and some have sealed the overlapped areas with roof sealer, or similar material.  We opted to have all of our seams stitched.  The runway and taxi area will be laid as a single piece of material consisting of 7 rolls of Geotex.  The pit area is 2 rolls of material, also stitched together.  So far, this seems to be a great choice, but time will tell how well the seams hold up.

This is Joe Dunnaway's E Defiant.  This was taken the day he made its first flight at the flying field.  It is sitting on the pit area material.  You can see the seam between the rolls of Geotex in both photos.  As you can see the stitched seams came out very nice.

Couple of Spring 2015 images from Glenn Pfortmiller

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